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Sense not working


I am trying to use Sense Proximity unlock, and I can easily say that 9 of 10 times, it simply doesn’t work. I walk up to the door, and nothing happens. I have tried it on two phones, both Android (OnePlus One, Alcatel One Touch Idol 3) and I have the same results with both. Am I missing something obvious?


are you leaving your sense zone everytime you test? note that you probably have it set at 1km or 1.25km. so in order for sense to work, you must leave that 1km area zone and then when you re-enter the zone, your phone will begin searching for the lock over bluetooth to unlock.


Yes, we do. Last night we went about 2 miles away, and today about 5 miles.


@Sarringt wait up to 30 seconds next time; my suspicion is that it’s taking a little while to connect. Is it slow to connect in the foreground?


What do you mean by “slow to connect in the foreground”? When I come home tonight I’ll hang out at the door for 30 seconds. Is 30 seconds the expected response time?


@sarringt In the foreground means to have the app open on the screen.

What I think @Cameron is trying to diagnose is if it’s only slow to connect “in the background” (phone screen locked, in your pocket), or if it is also slow to connect “in the foreground” (phone unlocked, in your hand, app open).


It has been a while since I’ve tried connecting via the app, but when I have, yes, it has been VERY slow connecting. Once I sat next to the door for a few minutes without it connecting, and ended up pulling Lockitron’s batteries and putting them back in again to see if that worked. It did, but I don’t think that should be the case. I have experienced this lag on both Android phones.


@Sarringt got it, so are you primarily connecting via Bridge then?


No, no Bridge. I don’t have Bridge.


@Sarringt the degradation on being able to connect via the app quickly is the most concerning part; the odd thing is that removing and replacing a battery resolves this (I would expect on Android that the problem would be with the Bluetooth on the phone).

If you want to give the beta a shot, that might help, however, the Bluetooth on the lock shouldn’t degrade in performance over time even on your current build.


I don’t think it has degraded, really. It has been like this since I got it. As for the issue being just a single phone issue; it’s not. I see the issue with two different Android phones.

I’m assuming from “beta” that means “buggy”. You think I’ll see a net improvement over my current state?


@Sarringt potentially buggy; we’ve been very conservative even with our firmware beta builds. If connectivity has always been that slow then there is either a firmware issue or something up with the lock. If you’re wary about the beta firmware, try updating the firmware on its own.

Maybe other Android folks can chime in (@Jason_Silva) but based on the performance of recent releases I don’t believe you should need to reboot the lock for reasonably consistent performance on Android (i.e. 4-10 second connection times).


Just now I stood outside of my locked door for over a minute, looking at the app trying to connect. Interestingly, as soon as I unlocked it with my key, the app immediately connected and told me that sense unlock succeeded (liar, don’t take credit for my turn). :slight_smile:


@Sarringt want to try another unit or have you already tried updating the firmware? Ping me at support on our chain about the latch.


Yes, I would like to try another unit. The app tells me that I have the latest version of the firmware (1461012547). As for the latch, I just received it in the mail but haven’t installed it yet.


I have had very similar results, Android phone (Nexus 6P) and trouble connecting. The app is really unreliable about connecting to the lock. I wait and eventually I restart my phone which usually gets it connected. Sense is really unreliable also. I’ve stood outside my door staring at the app waiting for it to connect so I can manually press the unlock (or lock) button, but eventually pull out my key. Once inside the house i’ll get the message that sense successfully unlocked my door.

I do have a bridge though, which is another source of headaches. It never seems to work quite right no matter where I’ve put it in the house. Both the bluetooth and wifi are listed as good. A lot of times the app will show that it’s connected to the lock via wifi, but when I press lock or unlock it’ll tell me the bridge is down and to connect via bluetooth but the wifi/bluetooth toggle button wont work.

My wife has the same issues using her android phone as well.

I dont know if I should piggy back here or start my own thread.


@Omar_Cataldo if you’re restarting the phone rather than the lock, that sounds like a phone/BLE issue. Do you keep WiFi on or off?

Happy to diagnose Bridge; I think that’s best for another thread. Sometimes Bridge can be too close to WiFi or have trouble staying on your network.


I have had the same problem with sense not working 9 out of 20 time. I have updated the firmware. I have contacted tech support on several occasions with poor follow-up from Lockitron. I really want this lock to work but I feel like Lockitron has no answers or interest is solving this problem. I have had the lock for maybe a year.


@geo sorry, no silver bullet for improving Sense. We’ve got a few novel ideas we’re testing in internal builds soon.


Sigh. I just can’t get Lockitron to work at all now. It simply won’t connect with my phones. It’s been over two weeks since Sense worked, and now it won’t even connect with my either of my Android phones. I took this video this week. https://goo.gl/photos/HqKYs2rBHhDFzysN7

What’s next? Can I return it for a full refund? I’ve been struggling to get this thing to work since the day I received it. You have been nice enough to work with me to try to get it to work, but I simply don’t want a smart lock that doesn’t work at all.