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We know that every delay has added incredible frustration, and that our estimates have been poor as we’ve discovered problems scaling up our production. We also know that we haven’t been great at updating you as things change. In an effort to keep everyone in the loop, we have created this thread to keep you informed of production issues.

In our last blog post we mentioned we had some issues updating Lockitrons over-the-air. So far we have worked through most of the problems by bringing our factory equipment back to the office for debug. Tomorrow, we will be bringing our flashing equipment back to the factory for a trial run. We expect this will take a day or two to smooth out but once this piece is back in place we will be able to resume shipping and will update your tracking number accordingly.

If you have have any questions about our production process, please feel free to ask away here. If you have a question regarding shipping information for your lock, please email support@lockitron.com instead.


Guide to Lockitron Bolt - [upd Dec 5th]

Thank you for the transparency.

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Hi guys,

Firstly, thank-you very much for the updates, keep em coming :smile:

Are you able to please shed some light on how you will be handling the fulfillment of Lockitron orders placed via DoorBot?
E.g. Will you be supplying DoorBot after all your other backers have been supplied or via some other fashion?

Many thanks!



We will be shipping DoorBot orders roughly in line with our units heading out here - DoorBot placed a bulk order with us early in our campaign. The plan was that we were originally shipping units to DoorBot for fulfillment, but I will confirm the details.


Doorbot bundle shipping date?

Awesome, many thanks for the reply Cameron



When will see the shipping update receive another update? Optimistic about getting my item before Xmas.



The issue preventing use from spinning up the electronics has been mostly resolved. We took everything over to the factory yesterday to get set up. We need to confirm a few things this morning with the PCB fabrication facility to make sure the fixes haven’t introduced more problems. Christmas is looming very large in our minds here too. Updates to come.

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Any updates as of that morning? Was everything confirmed and are these ready to ship?

If someone ordered a unit today (or last few weeks)– what’s the latest you’d expect them to receive their units after the early supporters receive theirs?



Guys, I am all for supporting you and being a developer myself I understand the complications that may occur. All I ask is daily updates, we have stuck through the issues and the prolonged shipping times. Please just keep us updated.



My shipping date has passed and I still didn’t receive my lockitron .
But I understand that your team is working hard to make sure that all units will work as promised. So take your time, we allllllllllll waited over a year now , so a couple of weeks won’t kill us.

I support the team for being honest with us and not ignoring people’s comments and suggestions.



More than a week past my latest estimated shipment window. Paid back at the beginning of September. When will I receive an update that isn’t BS. Feeling more than a little agitated at this point.



Oh also paid for my Deadbolt which was supposed to be shipped early. I suppose you’re having “tech” trouble with that one too?

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if you cannot wait, there is a refund button and ready (alternative) solutions which you can turn to. it is your choice to wait, so wait!



There is not too much new to report since [our last update][1] on the 14th and what there is all technical.

@cameron and I were over at our PCB fabrication facility today. The new electronics flashing equipment is working well. The line leaders had some suggestions for ways we can decrease handling time while increasing test coverage for QC. We have come up with a way to tailor our initial boot-up code to run through some tests that make quality assessment simpler so we will implement that this week.

There are always small mechanical things we need to straighten out during assembly - nothing huge, just a dozen things that are constantly in flux like for instance some of the screws we were sourcing increased in length by 0.3mm during a vendor change which effects how tightly two of the parts are secured - this in turn means the assembly workflow gets adjusted which means how we perform one step of one stage of QC gets recalibrated and new documentation is issued to the line.

I will be heading back to the factory tomorrow to follow up on a two more issues like that, but things are positive. We have authorized a larger run based on the results from the past few days. It’s still too soon for me to give you updates on ship times but we will keep working away to get things sorted for you and keep the updates coming.
[1]: http://blog.lockitron.com/post/67404098523/head-to-the-lockitron-community-for-the-latest-updates


Update frequency

Some of us have been waiting a long long time for our lockitrons and have had to suffer through MANY incorrect guesses on when they would ship. At this point I think it’s perfectly fine to ask not only for better communication but for a more accurate estimation as to when the units will ship (please please if you update the shipping estimates give yourselves some room to work with, I’d rather be surprised by early shipping than disappointed again). You are correct, it is everyone’s choice to decide to wait or not and I assume many people have used that choice to get a refund and go with an alternative product at this point. But to flame daltondking because he is asking for an update? Don’t bother posting here.



Ditto! Couldn’t have said it any better myself.



Most of us “backed” Lockitron because we believe it is the best smart-lock.

The more time we spend complaining and asking for daily updates, the less time they have to work.

I hope I speak for most everyone when I say I would rather wait for a quality product rather a rushed product that breaks.

Let’s be patient.
Frequency of updates ≠ Quicker Delivery



I’m waiting one more week. My estimated shipping date is almost a month past and I paid more than a month ago. If there is an update to my shipping estimate I will wait it out, but not a day past. I think lockitron is a great idea, but to be honest I thought that about 14 months ago and its starting to loose that wow I gotta have that factor

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We will be posting another update in the next few days.

If you have a question regarding shipping information for your lock, please email support@lockitron.com - I’m going to move a couple of person-specific shipping details in this thread to private message.



@sspencer10 Thanks for your patience and support. These delays are not something we want either. We’ll keep you informed and won’t give you something half-baked.