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@kabal So I am not working for Lockitron, but I am pretty sure the answer is 1, according to earlier communication.
@cameron Do you have any updates it is 2016 now. I am talking about a date


How many bolts have been shipped so far?


@cameron: I pinged you regarding my ship date in mid november. At that time, you said that being 4087 in line, i could expect mine to go out mid december…that has passed. Looking to get a more concrete time line.


With a low number like that, im guessing that you were migrated from the original lockitron. Theyve already said that they were only shipping bolts without bridge right now since bridge isnt done yet. You will be waiting a bit longer like me.


@cameron New Year has come and gone. When will we be getting another update? been doing so great till now… keep up the good work.


@Menooch18 sorry, just getting back from CES. Waiting on that big batch of first units. Also wrangling Bridge as well. Will have some more to report here soon. Working hard to get a large chunk of backer units done prior to CNY.


This is getting absurd, I pa\id for this a couple of years ago and I still have nothing to show for it, meanwhile other companies are selling similar devices over a year now even on Amazon and I cant understand what the benefit is of yours, you guys are giving crowd funded project a bad name


Did you say “getting” absurd ? Ha it’s been way past absurd for YEARS. Wake up people. Seriously , check the dates on news articles


Never mind. +characters


It is very unfortunate that its taking so long but you will get a much better product with better functionality than the rest. Also the keypad is a girst of its kind for any iot door lock, unless u coulnt the zwave locks but that requires outside hardware. Bolt will be the all in one. Keypad support, sense support, ifttt support, android and ios, no monthly fees for you or any virtual keys. Theirs alot to offer.
The keypad for me was a great surprise, i just hope itll come in a quicksilver as well because a black keypad on my door will look just as bad as the black crowdfunded lockitron i have right now lol


You would recieve it Probably sometime in year 2019


Hi folks - an update here, working on a proper one for the list/blog:

  • First 1,000 are assembled, and ready to go
  • As a last check, @pmg is verifying these units in person this week at which point they’ll be air freighted to our U.S. fulfillment facility
  • @pmg is also coordinating Bridge manufacturing for several thousand units, the main hold up for most backers

Bolt - Shipping Updates

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I just stumbled upon this. I purchased a unit in 2012, was backer number 4333 and haven’t gotten my unit yet. I just sent an email

Hey Guys!

December 09, 2012 at 07:45 PM PST

thats when I ordered my Lockitron. I have been waiting ever since. Its now nearing the 5 year mark. 5 YEARS! Thats a bit much. I need to know when I will get my order. I can’t wait much longer. Please give me an exact estimate. I emailed you 6 months ago. The estimate I got was 4 - 6 weeks. Is this a scam or a real product? Please help me before I loose my mind!!


Jon Brown
December 09, 2012 at 07:45 PM PST
Place in Line 4333

Please confirm that my unit is in the mail, the gentleman who responded, told me I would get my unit this month. Is this true?


@Mac_Gurus this thread is for the old Lockitron…or was. We’ll keep all the latest updates over there and lock this one since it was primarily for the crowdfunded Lockitron which we stopped shipping in 2014.