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My order number is 3859 and I got a “Your Lockitron is Ready to Ship” email on 7/7/2014, but the dashboard shows my Lockitron still has not shipped. I have contacted support and have not gotten an answer as to why I have not received my order. @cameron @David



@dafrapster - Your order should be heading out in today’s batch.

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Thank you so much @David !! I can’t wait to get my Lockitron!!



@David how many er you sending out each day?



@David - My dashboard still shows my Lockitron as unshipped and I never received any email. Was my order shipped?



@dafrapster Your order has been sent to our fulfillment house, so you should be receiving an update later today.

@Holrits We’re working to speed up the pace that we’ve set in the past few updates which is roughly 1,000 backers per week.

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any way of knowing what backer i am? my dashboard doesnt show an order number or anything. Just want to know what im lookin at.



Hello, I’m very interesting in placing an order but I’d like to know if I place an order now, how long will it take for me to get the lock? I’m hoping to have this installed before my children go back to school at the end of August. Thanks.



@preciousjulien unfortunately for new customers we’re more than a couple months out, so we won’t meet your timeframe.

@Jason_Silva you’re still a couple months out, but before the end of the line - good news is that we’re almost halfway through the initial campaign backer units, which is the bulk of them.

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Backer #6700, got my shipping soon notification just now!

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If it helps anyone understand the timelines I am 5949 and received my shipping soon notification July 24th. I’ll post when it ships to help possibly demystify the shipping time frames.

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Just got the shipped email :slight_smile:

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That is disappointing to see that # 5949 is just now receiving their Lockitron. I am “Place in Line” 27112 which I can only assume correlates to backer numbers. It says an Estimated ship date of May 2014, which has been pushed back several times to that date, but at this rate It should probably read May of 2015?
the website says pre-order then “Back ordered Summer of 2014” which if that’s the estimated ship date then that is way off and misleading, it’s already 1/2 way through Summer of 2014.

Can anyone tell me when to expect my order or can you only do one batch at a time?

@Holrits We’re working to speed up the pace that we’ve set in the past few updates which is roughly 1,000 backers per week.

By my math, I won’t receive my lockitron for another 21 weeks, so maybe by Christmas? That’s a great stocking-stuffer…

Frustrated because I really want to get a Lockitron! Otherwise I wouldn’t have held out for this long (ordered on Dec. 9th) without saying a word. I’v just been riding it out, but now it’s just too long, 8 months and counting.



Ordered placed October 04, 2012 at 07:31 AM PST
Backer Number 5,700 and something (I can’t remember the exact number and it doesn’t show up in the dash anymore)
I didn’t receive an email saying that but my order was being prepped for shipment, but my dash changed.
I looked at my dash today and it said order has shipped and I clicked to track it and it said it was out for delivery. I didn’t receive an email or anything. And yes i have checked junk mail and my trash to make sure i didn’t accidentally delete it.
I’m very excited that it is finally almost in my hands but would have been very upset if it would have come in tomorrow and set on my doorstep until next Wednesday when I get back home. Before the item is shipped an email should be sent with a verification link of some sort. But on a non negative note I am very happy with the recent change in pace of the Lockitron team. Thanks a bunch guys can’t wait to put it on my door!



Good to hear that people are getting their units. I don’t work for Lockitron, but as @cameron and @david have noted, the rate is getting faster, and they’re most focused on getting over the first 14,000 orders that happened in October 2012.

After that, it will be a lot faster to get through the other units.



@johnitron - I’m # 26,xxx and @pmg said on 1 July that mine “would take a couple months”. So if they accelerate production to meet that date, I would expect you should get yours before Christmas, but not that far before christmas.



Things have really picked up steam lately. We should get another update from Lockitron Team on Tuesday/Wednesday which should give us better idea where they are with production and shipping.

Currently they shipping out about 1000 units a week, but they will probably increase that number as well. We should be getting new software improvements for Hardware and iOS/Android soon also.

Hang in there, I got mine few weeks back and I love it, just waiting for additional features to come our way.



@David, it’s been 7 days since I got an email from ‘Susan’ telling me she was looking into my order #4610. I responded 4 days ago asking what is the status.

Can you investigate and see if there’s any update?




@keith It looks like this will be heading out tomorrow!



Thanks, I appreciate the update. I leave for Europe in a week and don’t want the package returned.