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Shipping Updates


hello lockitron team,
im backer #5028 and still awaiting shipping info.
any updates would be greatly appreciated.



@filip If you haven’t already, don’t forget to e-mail them, and check your order page to make sure your payment has gone through :slight_smile:



Alright, as per the early morning update, straight from the team themselves:

Shipping Update

We’re now pleased to share revised estimates for when Lockitrons will head out the door for our later backers. Based on our assembly and shipping progress over the past two months, these estimates factor in the timely replenishment of our component stocks such as ribbon cables and circuit boards. We’re working to get these estimates into the Lockitron dashboard - in the meantime we’ve included notes on what your current estimate indicates about when your unit will ship.

  • March Estimates: Complete! If you’re in this batch and haven’t received Lockitron yet, check your inbox for emails concerning address or payment information that needs to be updated.

  • April Estimates: We’re presently working through April estimates which will take us past backer 12,000. We expect to complete April estimates in roughly four to five weeks (thus April estimates are now “August 2014”).

  • May Estimates: The first May estimates should begin shipping in September and continue through October. We will work on updating these estimates in the dashboard to reflect which month you can expect your unit in (“September 2014 or October 2014”).

If you were not part of our original crowdfunding campaign or don’t have an estimate listed in your dashboard then your order will be heading out in October (after those with May estimates).



I’m backer #7233. Still haven’t received any email saying my lockitron is ready to ship. Dashboard is still showing April 2014 as shipping estimate and my payment status shows as “Paid on November …”.

Anyone in the same patch (#6500-7500) as me has received any emails?



Order #'s 7447 & 7451 - received my “Your Lockitron is ready to ship” emails on August 5th, and just got charged for them during the night last night. Dashboard is telling me that my orders will go out in the next shipment; within 2 weeks.



Backer #6848. Haven’t received any email saying my lockitron is ready to ship. Dashboard is still showing April 2014 as shipping estimate and my payment status shows as “Paid on September 2013 …”.



Backer #6700

Just got my “Lockitron has shipped” email! 2014-08-07

Ready to ship email was received 2014-07-31

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Backer #7854

Just got my “Your Lockitron is Ready to Ship” email!

Status in the dashboard hasn’t changed.

So have a little more patience guys!! Your Lockitron will arrive soon!!



@pcartier @felixjai drop us a line a support@lockitron.com and we’ll take a look!



Hello @cameron,

Thanks for the quick reply. Just sent an email to support@lockitron.com.



I’m backer #7320. Still haven’t received any email saying my lockitron is ready to ship. Dashboard is still showing April 2014 as shipping estimate.



Backer #6848

Just got my “Lockitron has shipped” email! 2014-08-12!



Backed: 2014 February
Backer #: N/A
Updated Shipping Estimate as of 2014-08-14: 2014 October




My Lockitron has been shipped. I also ordered the Schlage Tapered Deadbolt but today I received an email stating that it wasn’t charged for the deadbolt and that I should replace the order. I just re-place de order. This is kind of a let down as the Lockitron was shipped 2 days ago and was hoping to be able to use it. Now I have to wait for the Deadbolts, hope the Deadbolts will be shipped soon.



Place in Line:             16799
Shipping Estimate:     September 2014
Ordered:                    Jan 13, 2013



Any word for ppl who ordered the doorbot bundle? I ordered mine in Dec of 2012. Have you guys started shipping out to them yet? If not, when can we expect the delivery since we don’t have a dashboard to check the date?




@Faat_I_Am - this was the best I could find for you (remember that Doorbot is in charge of their orders)



Thanks. The last email I got from doorbot that talks about lockitron was in April. I also emailed doorbot directly and they responded with dont know when until lockitron starts shipping out to them. I haven’t gotten any email since then so I wanna see if they have been shipped out and roughly how many?




This is from doorbot support team.

"Thank you for contacting us. I apologize that the information pertaining to Lockitron has been limited at best, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to progress much since the last point of correspondence. We are at the mercy of relying on them to fulfill the outstanding orders that we owe to customers who have ordered the Lockitron, which we obviously have not received yet. I understand the undoubted frustration that must come from this waiting, and we are greatly appreciative of your continued patience. If at any point you grow tired of this prolonged (and albeit unwarranted) hiatus, kindly let us know at your convenience, and we will be more than willing to issue you a refund for your Lockitron order.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us."

Seems like lockitron haven’t ship out any to doorbot yet?




That, combined with the tweet from three days ago makes it seem like they’re waiting for more stock, as opposed to not having sent any out yet.

From what I read online, the Doorbot/Lockitron bundle seems to have started in December 2012, which is in same range as Lockitron backers 14,000-16,000.

Now being a bigger bulk order, no word if they are getting them in larger batches or as the orders came in.