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I’m backer #7233.

How long did it take for other international backers to receive the units after receiving the shipping email? I received my “Your Lockitron Has Shipped” email on Aug 13. I’m in Hong Kong and still haven’t received my unit yet after almost 2 weeks. I have emailed support and still no reply. Is it normal to wait this long? Anyone can share their shipping time? thanks.



Fairly certain I’ll be canceling my order and buying an August smart lock, pending positive reviews. It looks elegant and is said to just work. I’ll be able to trust their delivery dates, too. Natch.



@felixjai - I know the units are shipped with United States Postal Service (USPS) parcel service, so it would be coming as an EMS package I imagine. I haven’t heard much about delivery times to backers outside of North America.
Edit: I forgot that you received your Lockitron already. How long did it take? @cameron did say earlier in this thread that there’s usually a 4-5 day delay from queuing to shipping.

@innov8ion - Though we haven’t had updated numbers yet (I’d imagine more are coming on Tuesday), I don’t believe you’re too far off from queuing. If you do wish to make a change, you might have to do it soon.



@anthonylavado I’d probably keep my place if Bluetooth “Sense” were already enabled in the app. BTLE was supported in the Android stack since 4.3 and to my knowledge you still haven’t rolled it out yet. I just can’t play any more guessing games.



@innov8ion - Sorry if I appear to have misled you, but I don’t work for Lockitron/Apigy. Just a fan passing along any info I’ve gathered through my time here.

As for Sense, they have mentioned before that it’s a lot harder to implement consistently on Android, but that it is in the works. And by in the works, I mean this is what they are actually working on right now.

I would refer to this post from @pmg:

And this post from @cameron:



Place-in-Line: 8622

Its been 2 weeks since I received the “Your Lockitron is Ready to Ship” email. I sent a note this morning because my payment was processed, but there wasn’t any updates regarding tracking information. I did hear back that there has been a delay because they are waiting on a delivery of circuit boards. I haven’t heard anything back when I asked what the revised shipping estimate would be.

I’m posting here to see if anyone has been able to get more information than I have.

I was willing to put up with a lack of clarity earlier because I hadn’t paid yet. Now that I’ve been charged, the lack of details is disconcerting.



Same as above…

Place in line: 8510

I got my “Your Lockitron is Ready to Ship” on August 19th (1 month and 13 days shy of the 2 year mark)… I was excited that the wait is finally over. I expected a shipping notice in about a week as that is what the average is. but was patient.

It has been two weeks so I shot support an email and they are waiting on circuit boards… hopefully they will get some soon.



@agods @danmorton88 apologies guys, we expected to have units in stock for this round of queueing but came up short. We have some units that are being prepped this week and should head out next week for the 8,500-9,000. Normally we ship within 3-7 days from the queue email, but clearly we ran behind here.



Gah! If my friend gets his AirTame before I get my Lockitron, I am going to catch hell til the end of time. Please get to 10,770 soon!



All this time I have been waiting in patience for my device thinking that it all goes in a proper order. However I just realised that you are starting to ship to backer 8500-9000.

My place in line is 5937, order placed in October 04, 2012.

Can I learn why my order hasnt been shipped yet?



seems like alot of these mishaps are happening… youre not the first ive seen say that youre number has passed but havent gotten it.



@Jon sorry :frowning: we’re not too far off from your unit.

@Osman we’ve seen some missing orders due to missing international shipping payments. Apologies if we’ve missed a ticket on this, but depending on where the ticket is assigned it might take a bit longer to come through. Ping us with subject line “ATTN Cameron Missing Order”.



addaboy cam. i always love the speed of this guy. Hard worker and cares deeply about his company. props to you buddy!



So when you do ship what type of shipping do you use? Hopefully not ground.



@danmorton88 USPS Priority - typically takes 2-5 days to get to most places within the states. At some point we hope to offer multiple shipping options.



Any update on catching up on shipping?



@cameron Its been three weeks since I was charged. You guys need to provide more information about when you are planning on shipping. Last we heard from you 9 days ago, you were going to be resuming shipping this week. Since my dashboard has not changed, I’m assuming that is not going to happen. Can you provide updated shipping estimates for backers 8,500-9,000?

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I understand delays but I thought we were getting better at updates… It has been 11 days since I sent an email asking for additional information.
4 days since I last posted here asking for an update.

Just tell us where you are on the additional circuit boards with an honest/generous ETA. I think it is better to say you’re running behind vs not replying at all.

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Love the product idea, but the consistent execution issues and lack of transparency issues (especially since you charged me) has been ridiculous.

I’m canceling my order and getting a refund.



I was reading my original “Your Lockitron is Ready to Ship” notice, which states it will ship within two weeks… that I received I will have received four weeks ago as of tomorrow and noticed it says “your Lockitron is assembled, boxed and ready to go out the door!” which I find very odd that I later found out mine is waiting on circuit boards.

I spent a lot of time waiting for this really cool product and have gone up and down on my anger vs excitement. But recently I was content with it will come eventually. Then Aug 19th I was given false hope of it coming soon. But I was sadly disappointed.

@Lockitron I would recommend not providing shipping estimates and “ready to ship” notices unless they are accurate. After all the lockitron community although sometimes vocal have been loyal. We just want to be told the truth.

Eager (somewhat irrational) Lockitron Fanboy