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@cdeltonwalker @StripeyType as noted a couple of updates ago we’ve shipped to backer 8,500 and queued to 9,000. People between 8,500 and 9,000 have been waiting since we ran out of circuit boards. Most of the 8,500-9,000 units shipped today, I’m waiting for the tracking numbers.

Our early target was 500 backers per week; the past month we’ve been delayed on circuit boards (as noted in a couple updates). Our plan is also to ramp this up, however, given the last hiccup we have a lot of catch up to do first.



If your target is (or was) 500 per week, how/why are you estimating me (place in line 26,054) for shipping in October?

Even if you met your target, if you were at 8500 a few weeks ago, it would take another 35 weeks to get to 26000. That’s a far cry from 4-8 weeks.

How does your “target” rate jibe with your shipping estimates? It seems like they are worlds apart.



We were at 8500 5-6 weeks ago; as noted our plan was to ramp up (that is, ship more units per week) prior to our delay in circuit boards.



Everytime I come to this thread…

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You said you’ve shipped to backer 8,500, but I am #7283. I still got nothing, why?



Hi, what date did you place your order.
I placed mine: June 21, 2014.
But i cannot see place in Line, but i also got delevery October 14.



@hkjosephng drop us a line at support@lockitron if you haven’t already. Some units are occasionally missed due to payment, international or queueing problems. A number of missed orders are heading out today.




I received my lockitron today. I am glad to report it is as cool as you thoughts and well worth the nearly two year wait.

@Lockitron Nice work!




could i somehow get my place in Line? I ordered June 21, 2014 please,



mine says october 2014, can i actually expect it in October? it was February at first… and have you guys got your boards already to keep the lockitrons shipping? will this effect the wait time by alot?



I am just blown away by how mismanaged this whole Lockitron development has been. Deliveries are over a year late and still no firm commitment on when deliveries will be done or how quickly units are being developed except for vague and evasive statements. There has been little to no transparency.

Reading through the posts here you can feel the level of frustration and disappointment. Confidence seems at alarmingly low levels.

Having assembly sit at a standstill because you ran out of PCBs when you have thousands of people waiting for your product can only be the result of indifference at best or poor planning at worst.

I think if the Lockitron staff is at all interested in increasing the confidence of their backers a CLEAR and HONEST delivery schedule would be in order. A statement that says “our plan was to ramp up (that is, ship more units per week) prior to our delay in circuit boards” is not only vague but does nothing to keep your customers informed.

Don’t tell us what your plan WAS, tell us what your plan IS, and how quickly will you be assembling and shipping products.

This is just crazy.




straight up, lockitrons doing a great job in my opinion. they have frequent updates and workers on the forum to help out. you havent seen any frustration until youve got a doorbot. holy hell i regret ever forking money that way. They shipped an unfinished product, they never talk about anything going on, nor do they have people on their forums. They litterally shipped garbage and now hide in the shadows. So to be honest. lockitrons doing a fine job.

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@jpons our supply chain is only so robust. we take into account accidents will happen and ensure we have enough slack to tolerate small misshaps.

In this case we had a series of problems that compounded to result in 2 and half week delay in normal production capacity. Specifically during the month of September a part shortage meant we had to change out one of our distributors, our encryption co-processor was EOL’d and replaced with a different but nearly identical rev A that has new requirements that warranted a test spin, our PCBA facility had a critical machine go down on our line which meant we had to time share with other larger firms like Broadcom and Philips (effectively reduced our throughput by half), and our warehousing was on skeleton crew for two weeks.

That said, the new parts are in, our new co-processor has been validated, the pcba shop is back online, fufillment is at full capacity again and as evidenced by our last blog post we took some of that down time to be super productive on the software side of things.



@pmg Thanks for putting us all at ease. I will never be able to understand how hard it is, but I can imagine. My question is, now that everything is back in order, will there be a ballpark number of units going out each week? I’m less than 300 away from 10,000 and I’m getting antsy.




@cdeltonwalker difficult to say for sure but should be a week or two for yours. Generally our production capacity is increasing every week so our rate of shipping these is going up.



I see when my original order was placed (May 2014) and I see when it is due for shipment (now revised to October 2014), but where do you see your actual # in line?



There is NO WAY that Lockitron is sincere in their estimate of an October 2014 shipment of my order. Last week they posted that they had queued #10,000 to be shipped. It’s taken them YEARS to get to 10,000 and they are telling me that my order #21,??? will be shipped this month.

When there is NO WAY that they believe that they will make the projection and they post it anyway it’s called BS.

I placed my order in May of 2013 and paid for it in May of 2014. Should I just ask for a refund? Would a realistic shipping schedule result in orders being canceled in mass?



To all those have been patiently waiting for so very long and are still months away from receiving their Lockitron, may I ask for some feedback (as I am in this very situation)?

Why hasn’t everyone chosen to buy an “Okidokeys” smart lock instead?


Once you get past the very poorly chosen product name, it seems to offer almost identical functionality and have a pretty similar easy installation as the Lockitron. The main install difference is that with Lockitron you loosen the thumb turn to put a plate behind it, whereas with Okidokeys you actually remove the thumb turn and replace it with the new lock/unit.

Am I missing something here, or is there some reason I should refrain from getting this unit and instead wait for my Lockitron (whenver that day may come)?



For me, it’s a few things:

  • no discernible API access so I can customize it or tie it in to other logic

  • different package levels, including RFID tokens among others (I’d rather just use the phones, keep it simple)

  • 10 user limit online (though there is no limit through the apps)

  • no community with direct interaction from the founders (cc @cameron, @pmg)

This is just what I’ve seen on mobile, I’d have to look at it closer on my computer.



i’m going to assume my shipping date is gonna have to be pushed back a 3rd time? something tells me that my october estimate is looking unrealistic.