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@Jason_Silva Oooh ya… Mine is August 2014 and I still haven’t received anything. Last update they were still 1,000 away from queuing my order. :frowning:




Mine was august 2014 but then changed to october so now i got no clue what date im lookin at now



You ordered yours in Feb? Lucky you guys have an estimated date. I ordered mine in Jan with the Doorbot bundle. We get no #, no date and no word from either side.



My shipping estimate still says September. If I get it before the end of the year, I’ll be amazed.



yea, if mine says october and i havent gotten it yet, than your sept estimate isnt happening



Just to put it into perspective for everyone. They apparently stopped giving line numbers in late January 2014 or February 2014. I say this because I ordered in February 2014 and I have no line number but I’ve talked to a few people who ordered in January 2014 and they were line number 27,xxx.

Lets just assume they sold 1000/month. Since I ordered Feb 2014, That would put my line estimate at 28,xxx.

They JUST shipped the 10,000 line numbers lock in the beginning of Oct 2014 . Think about that for just a second…They aren’t event half way to my February 2014 order.

I am hearing from people that ordered back in OCTOBER 2012 are JUST NOW getting their locks in October 2014 so they waited 2 years… So unless they get their production speed up, it’s going to be awhile.

I personally come here every few months and check the blog to see their progress but they aren’t even half way to our number yet so I don’t expect anything for awhile but I’m also not in a hurry anyway. From the looks of it, there is a lot of bugs still and I’ve got enough tech stuff to keep me busy for years anyway…



@neveragain You are exactly correct… It could be a LONG while.

I was one of the people who ordered in October, the 16th to be exact, and have not received anything. Over 2 years later.



I think they would do their selves a big favor by just being upfront with everyone and telling them the truth instead of giving false ship dates that they know they won’t make. I have to imagine that their production line isn’t some automated process able to produce 100s of locks per day but more than likely a few guys sitting in a room manually making 20-30 locks per day while trying to handle the large amount of daily support issues from users who’ve already gotten their device so I don’t doubt they don’t stay busy.

I just think they got in way over their head. Ordering should have never been allowed to get to 25,000+ locks when it’s taken 2 years to get to lock 10,000. Thats just poor business management.

Personally, my oppinon (which I know they would never do) would be to refund the majority of everyones money back and create some sort of waiting list. Everyone would keep their place in line but let’s say they are only able to complete 200 locks per week (thats being generous). 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled shipping day for lock # 11,000-11,200, they should send some sort of automated email with an invoice to those next 200 people in line with a link they could click allowing them to pay an invoice. I know for a fact that Paypal allows bulk invoicing-sending an invoice with a set amount to a lot of people at once (up to 5,000 people) with a Paypal Business account so that shouldn’t be a problem there.

I’m not a programmer and deal with network security but it shouldn’t be a big deal at all for them to go into the backend of the dashboard and find the tables containing Names, Addresses, Email, and line numbers and exporting the information of those 200 people to invoice who are next into a .csv file which paypal allows you to use for bulk invoicing…

That gives each of the 200 users being invoiced exactly 2 weeks to pay and if they don’t pay within 2 weeks lose their spot in line. Of course the 2 weeks could be lengthen to be invoiced 1 month in advance but the point is, is to not get ahead of themselves as they have done. That way if they have hold ups with logistics and inventory stock problems, instead of 20k or 30k angry users who have already paid, you’re only delaying 200 paid users. They WOULD NOT invoice the next 200 users in line until they catch up with the current 200.



While I don’t have a chance to respond to everything here at the moment (and keep in mind I don’t work for Lockitron), one very, very important thing I wanted to mention, is that they have not taken everyone’s money.

I don’t know all of the details surrounding their day to day operations, so I won’t speak to what I don’t know.

What I do want to set straight are facts regarding previous orders:
(Edit: this applies to orders up until late 2013)

  • The payment systems they have used (Amazon/Stripe) get an authorization when an order is placed, but money doesn’t change hands

  • Your credit card is only charged when your order is ready to ship

  • You can prepay early if you desire, you have to log in and hit pay, it does not happen automatically

  • You can request a refund until your order is ready to ship, this can be done in the dashboard or by e-mailing support@lockitron.com

So the reality is that a lot of orders have not paid yet. For those that have and want their money back, the refund option lets them keep their place in line and only pay when the product is ready.

As an example, I am order 23,653 from July 2013. I have yet to pay anything, and have not been forced to along the way.

As it stands, a lot of Lockitron’s operational funding comes from the existing orders that have gone through, some Venture Capital investments, and much of the founders’ own money.



In addition, several of the issues currently surrounding production were already tackled by @pmg earlier in the thread (see below for link).

They do actually have a production line and assembly warehouse in place. It’s not the Lockitron team on their own producing the locks by hand.

There was one point (August?) where orders queued and shipped actually started to exceed 1,000 units/week and their production capacity was ramping up before the issues in @pmg’s post.

While @cameron and crew could have maybe been a little more explicit on how this would affect manufacturing in the e-mail updates, I don’t know how they would best call it out.

They are reading everything on these forums, and they’re trying to meet the demand, really. I know I’ve said it before, and they keep saying it, but for a smaller operation that doesn’t take everyone’s money up front, they are doing their best.

I’m not apologizing for them, and I’m not defending them for anything, just stating what I know so far. No one has to agree, but just keep this in mind. If you are angry or frustrated, that is your right. I’m just trying to be constructive.

I don’t know anything else, so other questions are best sent to them, and probably best handled via e-mail.



anthonylavado, are you sure your facts are correct? I am 26,054 in line (November 03, 2013 at 12:32 PM PST), and money did change hands (my card was charged $179 on that day…not just authorized).

Furthermore, if I click the refund button in the dashboard, it displays an alert which says “Are you sure you want to refund your order? You will lose your place in line”.

This seems to contradict these things you said:

“The payment systems they have used (Amazon/Stripe) get an authorization when an order is placed, but money doesn’t change hands”

“You can request a refund until your order is ready to ship, this can be done in the dashboard or by e-mailing support@lockitron.com

Can someone from Lockitron comment on if anthonylavado’s facts are correct? I would certainly like to get my money back and not lose my place in line, and just decide when my place in line comes up if I want to pay or not.



@jlaw - I can only go by what I know to be correct for my order and other orders I’ve read about on these forums.

I’ve edited my post to reflect that this appears to apply to previous orders.

A big point in the question here was the bulk of the orders- nearly the first 15,000 orders were placed in the first 1-2 months of the product launch in October 2012.

If I placed my order in July 2013 and was not required to pay, I hope it was the same for everyone else before me. I believe this is the case, but I have lost the source somewhere in this thread.

I still encourage anyone with concerns to contact support@lockitron.com to make sure they get addressed properly.



@anthonylavado @jlaw @neveragain sorry, not to be quiet here but I’ve been working to diagnose some recently WiFi oddness with folks.

@anthonylavado we didn’t charge cards up front until later 2013. When we made this change we noted it in the order flow (akin to Tile, Coin, etc.). This was to ensure that we had capital on hand to build units going forward. This is not on the same scale, however, of the orders that were placed during our original campaign.

We also allow folks to request refunds for those orders (immediately after they are placed, if desired). The copy needs to be amended; we can’t guarantee that we’ll hold orders if refunded but we have offered to do this for some who ask.

The reason we can’t guarantee this is that we unfortunately don’t have the resources to build units for folks who cancel their order at the last moment which is what we saw when we first started shipping. As such we’re happy to be far more flexible in offering refunds (compared with traditional crowdfunding campaigns), but building units for “committed” but not charged orders is difficult.

Yes, the speed of production is frustrating, and yes, we’re doing all we can to speed it up. Certain processes at the factory require skilled folks to help - missing them for any period of time slows production (which is what we saw a week or so ago).



Hey @cameron I haven’t checked in for a while but was curious if you have contemplated a site/app that regularly updates progress. I recall Pebble creating such a system and it satisfied many customers being able to watch the orders processed climb.



Does anyone know what queue are the doorbot bundle in? Is it after 15,000 or 20,000?



This may be a stupid question, or one that was answered a million times that I just wasn’t able to see, but is “backer number” the same thing as “place in line”? I have seen regular confusion between “place in line” and “units” since people could have ordered more than one, I just want to be sure that “backer number” doesn’t also mean something else entirely.

For some background, I placed my order in FEB of 2013. My card was authorized through Amazon Payments, but nothing was officially charged at that time. Then, on FEB 2014, my card was officially charged through Amazon Payments. Later, my dashboard was updated to say that I have a “Shipping Estimate” of “September 2014”. It still says this. In early October, I contacted support to see if there was something more accurate than “September 2014” and the reply I got was, “I’m showing that your order will ship in the next few weeks.”

The latest update mentioned backers “9,500-10,500”… an update a month prior mentioned “backer 9,500 by the end of this week.” So, it sounds like either nothing moved for a month, or there’s one person sitting at a table putting these things together and responding to emails and typing up the next update email. Joking aside, I just want to make sure I understand things correctly to set my expectations accordingly. Assuming there was just a one month delay where absolutely nothing was shipped, is this delay now over, or is it still ongoing? If the delay is over, could I still expect to have my order ship “in the next few weeks,” or was that just a line from the movie The Money Pit? (“Two weeks.”)

I’ve waited this long (almost two years) and it sounds like some have waited even longer, so I’m not here with my torch and my pitchfork. I just want to make sure I’m understanding the terminology correctly. I hear “queuing” and “shipping” and “backer” and all sorts of terms that don’t line up with what the dashboard is saying or what support emails are saying, so I just want the communication to be simplified as much as possible. Is it reasonable that I can expect mine this year assuming there are no further delays?



@Bigellow - While I don’t work for Lockitron, I can help answer some of these.

Backer Number is the same thing as Place In Line. From here on out it may be best to stick to Place In Line as that’s what the Order Dashboard uses.

Amount of units ordered has no bearing on Place In Line, so PIL could essentially be considered an “Order” number. The numbers themselves are static, so they do not change at any point, even if someone else in-between has cancelled their order.

@cameron might have to fill in the blanks here, but this is essentially what happens next.

The (very) Simplified Lockitron Queue Process:

  1. Lockitron assembly is set to complete “x” units

  2. Lockitron HQ starts confirming orders and if an order isn’t paid, starts the charge process

  3. Lockitron assembly completes batch of units (this happens at the same time as step 2)

  4. Assembly sends them over to the logistics provider/warehouse

  5. Logistics gets up to date information from Lockitron HQ confirming which orders are still valid and paid for

  6. Logistics packs, labels, and ships units out

The Queue process that is mentioned here and in the e-mails is essentially steps 1 and 2, although to be clear, I assume assembly is running as continuously as possible to keep unit stock ready to go. This is why keeping order information up to date is important, so Lockitron doesn’t build more than is needed. There’s also a quality control/check step in there, probably between 3 and 4.

When a unit is finished going through the queue, then it ships, and you receive a tracking number from Lockitron/USPS pretty quickly after that.

There was a delay as explained by @pmg earlier in this thread, but that delay is gone. Because a lot of manufacturing is shared (as mentioned in the same post), there may still be production slow downs, but the Lockitron team are probably as anxious as anyone else to move more units through production as quickly as possible. To re-quote Dory from Finding Nemo, “Just keep shipping.”

As far as support e-mails go, well, you’re getting information directly from the team. @david, @pmg, and @cameron respond to them directly, so you know as much as they know. They want to get your unit to you as quickly as they can.

For time frame and delivery, hopefully today’s update will shed more clarity on that.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your place in line? If you placed your order in Feb 2013, I estimate you to be in the 17,000 - 19,000 range.



Ok so I just read a good portion of the posts in this thread and I have a follow on question. I spoke with one of their representatives today and they stated that they are “unable to pinpoint me in the queue.”

I just read your post and you said that someone who ordered in Feb 2013 is likely has a PIL of 17,000 to 19,000. They are currently only on ~10,000. If I placed my order in March of 2014, then does that make my PIL ~40,000?



@anthonylavado - Thanks so much for the very thorough response! That’s super-helpful! I can’t imagine why this can’t just be outlined in their Help/FAQ section, especially considering it currently just talks about the estimate in the dashboard, which everyone painfully knows by now is rarely correct.

I thought for certain that I put my place in line in the original post, but I must not have. How silly of me. My place in line is 18,500. It was placed on 02/27/2013 which seems like eons ago now. I was living in an apartment at the time, so I chose this as something that would be easy to install on an apartment door. Since then, I’ve bought my own house. Thankfully, it looks like it’ll also be compatible with the door of my house. Also, the doorknob is decorative on the outside, so it’s still ideal to have a solution like this rather than a whole doorknob replacement, so I’ve just been waiting patiently. I just hope I get this thing before I lose my job and the bank forecloses on my house.

Anyway, I also see that there was an email today where they will be queueing to 11,500 shortly, so it definitely sounds like the pipes are unclogged and everything is moving along. I’m going to optimistically predict that they will ship 500-1000 per week going forward. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll have mine early in the new year, or possibly even by Christmas.

I see that you are even further in the line than I am. I hope you don’t have to wait much longer for yours, too. Again, thanks for the informative response!

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As people who ordered before me cancel their orders, will the dashboard give me a new lower number? If not, the place in line would seem to be useless.