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@dirkekey - The numbers are static, so they won’t change. That being said, they are still useful because Lockitron’s blog/e-mail updates indicate which number they are currently “serving”.



Could you please provide customers with an estimate of when outstanding orders will ship? My dashboard says September 2014, it’s November.

Also, could you please ship it close to your estimate?

Wait… I don’t know what I’m thinking. Sorry, I just thought about how it’s gone so far. I’m going to go do something else.



Im backer # 8286 - Did I get missed too?

I understand we are all eagerly waiting for our units, but I read the blog and it says you have shipped through to 10,500?!

Backer # 8286
Backed on Oct 6th, 2012
Paid on Oct 21, 2014
Shipping to Canada




@Akiwieh Shoot us an email at support@lockitron.com and we’ll look up your order. If that is the case, we’ll have one shipped out right away.



Thanks for resolving this. My dashboard shows my order has already shipped!!

So just to remind to anyone who was an early backer (<15000) and has not received their order. You might want to reach out on the forum here. Two days after asking the question on the forum, my order is in the mail.



Actually, I ordered back in December of 2013 and Amazon took payment out at the same time as the order states " Paid on December 10, 2013" … So yes, they did take payment up front!

I’ve had $180 of my money apparently “Invested” into them in hopes of getting a lock?!
As a company you hold customer’s money for almost a year or more, that’s unacceptable.
My shipping Estimate says October 2014 and my place in line is 27112

If they are going to have major shipping delays and issues that should have issues statements to everyone directly and offered to allow people to get refunds until their orders are ready.



How about you ship me out one right away too?



@johnitron - we did have this addressed by @cameron earlier, for any thing else, I would recommend you contact support@lockitron.com for more details.


As far as being shipped one right away, we’re all waiting patiently, and some of us longer than you or I.



I hate to say this, but I cancelled my order, after waiting for more than a year. Lockitron seemed so good, but so slow in delievery, so many problems that people who actually got one are having, I decided it just isn’t worth my time nor money.

When I ordered last fall, it actually paid for it, as it sounded that I would get mine in a month or so. I kept hearing that the shipping will ramp up to some very large numbers per week. Well, none of that ever happened, yet, as far as I can tell.

So, yesterday afternoon, I cancelled my order. Fortunately, shortly after I cancelled my Lockitron order, I got my money refunded. So, there is no dispute here.

So, good luck, Lockitron. I hope that you will have successful future. Perhaps, I may revisit your product at some time in the future, but right now, you aren’t for me at all…



jirof (and anyone else who is tired of waiting). Get an Okidokeys smart lock from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IVKGDIO/). It works. It’s available now. It does most everything Lockitron claims their product will do when you get it one day. They have excellent support (phone and email).

In the event you are not satisifed, it is sold by Amazon, so you can return it for free. No questions asked.

I got it last month, and have been happy with it after a year of waiting for Lockitron.



I have order #12689. How is it going? Will my Lockitron ship anytime soon? I heard You have passed the order 10,000



@PabloBS - Hey there
While I don’t work for Lockitron, I can tell you that as of their last update (http://blog.lockitron.com) they said they were at number 11,500-12,000 for queue.



I am order # 9848 and my dashboard has been showing the your lockitron is in the next shipment message for quite some time now. When is shipping going to resume again?



Any news anybody?? It has been way too long since we heard any updates?

Please I need some information, I has been over two years since my order was placed and more than a year since it was paid. The feeling of being scammed grows day by day



OK, seems like you guys don’t tell us anything (issue, delay, hiccup, etc.) unless we ask. Since no new update, no new blog, no new number, so what’s going on now?



I logged into my dashboard and sent a message via the ‘Contact Us’ link on the page over 2 weeks ago asking what was happening with the shipping updates since my dashboard STILL shows October 2014 and it is now December. I have not gotten a response. Maybe there is better luck if I post here, although, from the looks of things, there hasn’t been anything new happening here either.

If I don’t hear anything soon I’ll have to get a refund and try my luck with another company.



My ship date was September 2014 and I haven’t gotten mine, either. I would be very surprised if I received mine in the next 6 months.



I ordered on 11/14/2014. Paid at that time. My estimated shipping date was October 14 even though it was already november when i ordered. I’ve no place in line number obviously. So much for this being a dashboard, it isn’t updated. There is absolutely no estimate of when it will ship. What a joke. This product will be obsolete by the time it is ready. Rather than using kickstarter you should of gotten VC investment and some real management with experience in manufacturing and order processing. I think I’ll pull my money now before the inevitable bankrupcy removes that option. Good Luck. Was a nice try.



This was my message from over 2 weeks ago with no response. @Cameron I have sent you a reply to our last email. Please check and get back to me asap.

Edit: Thanks for the prompt email response Cameron.



It’s funny I remember last year around this time hoping for my Lockitron to arrive for Christmas…

Since then I’ve just given up and don’t really care anymore if/when it arrives.