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@Mitch once we’re past preview into production it will make sense for us to post where we are in the queue.

Something which I want to reiterate here: we stopped shipping the product from 2012. It didn’t work well (http://blog.lockitron.com/post/109301218722/introducing-bolt-our-next-generation-connected) But we aren’t giving up on our backers or the product and so we announced Lockitron Bolt at the end of January 2015. We’re started shipping a few units four months after than and will have some news next month that will firm up the production timeline.

This is a completely new product cycle; outside of what you see on the web, all mechanical and electronic aspects have been completely rebuilt and the firmware is entirely re-written. As such, the reason we post production updates that are similar to those from 2012-2014 is because they are, only on a significantly compressed timescale with tested components and assembly procedures.

Stay tuned for the update in August.



@cameron I was kind of hopping to get my device on August, not another update



Yep I’m out… Waited too long… But guess what now they refuse to email me back!



I’m a customer which as many you have paid in good-faith for a Lockitron lock, in my case more than one year ago. For many I believe it’s been much longer. For the most part I have been extremely patient and supportive of this company and it’s product.

I have had to stand with several changes of shipping dates, misinformation, lack of information, evasives and even two changes products along the way.
I have always asked to for a straight out delivery date for the product I paid in full and all the replies I got only spoke about the problems with the bluetooth protocol, battery life, jamming locks, manufacturing delays, etc.
Apparently Lockitron believes its more important to tells us all about the things they should keep to themselves (black box processes) but keep us on the dark regarding the things we care about: DELIVERY DATE.

I have recently posted a comment with the link to the FTC Complaint (Federal Trade Commission) which got flagged and deleted by Lockitron and got me an email from @cameron saying I wasn’t being constructive and that they offer me a refund.
Now more than ever I’m dead set on getting my Lockitron lock, it is more about making Lockitron keep up their promises than it is about the product itself.

I’m really sorry if I’m not being constructive, maybe it’s because I gave you my money one year ago and STILL have nothing to show for, or maybe it’s because haven’t received the enough, nor the right infomation from Lockitron or it may be because that you delete my comments on the Lockitron community. Pick which ever you prefer!



@Pablo_Valente The only thing I can think of is that they want to make sure it’s working as best as possible before committing to a ship date.

If they pick a ship date, and a Preview tester discovers a critical bug in the software, I wouldn’t necessarily want that on my door without the software update applied. I’m sure that it can be fixed, but would I want to risk the chance of running in to that?

For myself, I say no.

The crowdfunded design had this problem. There was not enough real-world testing outside of a small variety of locks. They needed to get a manufacturer up to speed with a brand new mechanical design that was all in-house (not many existing parts were used, it was mostly custom made). People wanted the product so much, that the early units that went out ran in to many issues, things that were not learned until it was almost too late.

Having used a crowdfunded unit (briefly), I can tell you this was the case. Alignment was tricky, connectivity issue, and reflashing the firmware, reflashing the Bluetooth stack, adjusting power save settings, adjust power control settings, and more. It took me around 16 hours to get it working properly, and that was towards the end of active shipments. I hate to think about what everyone else before me had to deal with.

The key point here was the software. The production details tell us that the Bolt uses an all new circuit board, but the software is mostly intact and rolled out. The locks will mechanically work with a key, meaning that you would never be locked out.

For physical design, as @cameron said, there are some small cosmetic changes that require verification. The core mechanisms are unchanged and are proven to work.

Thanks to the test work, they know the majority of the changes they have to make are firmware related, and a small revision of the circuit board antenna (which has already been put in to work).

As the circuit board is pretty much set, they are able to spin up production very quickly, and will have no issues getting them produced.

As the manufacturer they are using has a proven, working lock design, they are already producing these parts at scale, and will have no issue creating our Bolt lock units.

They want to make sure that this is all going correctly. The preview units (which were the first to be built with this whole new product) were produced not that long ago, and are already helping to make changes. Once they know it’s working properly, then the production for the regular units won’t take very long to fulfill.

You might say this is all that has been said before, but I felt it important to lay it all out again as clearly as I can. Sure, they may have been considering the design a while ago, but they’ve told us this only started coming together around the announcement in January. They’ve saved most of the mechanical design time by using the proven design, but that still leaves a pretty big part of launching an all new product.

All the recent updates have shown pretty good progress to me. It may be a lot harder to confirm as all the Preview testers are under a non-disclosure agreement, but there are units in people’s hands, actively being used. Once Lockitron feels it’s ready and safe to move ahead, you’ll hear about it.

Until then, no one wants to take a risk, no one wants to have any more broken promises or be lied to, and no one is trying to do either.



@anthonylavado Thanks for the reply, but my message was addressed to @cameron or someone in Lockitorn/Apigy.
For someone who puts “I don’t work for Lockitron/Apigy, Just a Fan” on their User description, I tell you boy you could have fooled me.
My place in line is 15238 and I have been waiting for one year and a half, let’s seen what you think about when you hit that mile stone.
The lack of comunication of Lockitron regarding shipping dates is outrageous.



I don’t work for the company, I can 100% guarantee you of that. Anything I do with this community is 100% voluntary in my (limited) free time.

Everything I’ve told you is all publicly available information on this message board, including various sources from the web. I felt it would be useful to compile it in one place for anyone to refer to. I personally enjoy transparency and honesty in product design and manufacturing.

@pmg just posted that there’s more information becoming available soon.

As for my order, my (current/revised) place is line is 10,548, placed at July 27, 2013 at 12:10 AM PST, paid in October 2014.

I’ve been waiting for just over two years.

If you have any other concerns, please contact Lockitron directly by e-mail, using support@lockitron.com but be aware there is an e-mail backlog they have advised they’re working through.




Hey Lockitron Support,

I’ve been peeking in here from time to time to check for updates aside from the updates that get emailed out. Not sure if this has been covered yet ( I didn’t see anything recent), but when can we expect the ship dates to be updated in the portal? I understand the first batch of lockitron bolt will be going out Nov 24 with the backlog of backers receiving their units in the first 1-2 months of shipping. I am currently 4087 in line and want to see when I can realistically expect my lockitron as I plan to be out of town for the holidays. Any word on when the ship dates will be updated in the portal? Thanks.



You can realistically expect your lockitron never. Search lockitron on google and be amazed at the long history of pure nothingness that has come of this product. You can expect a lock in August. I mean the real, other lock product ‘august’ . Not the month



Please don’t be like that.



We’re on track for an initial few thousand in November. I’m heading to our factories in Asia now to finalize our production timelines for Bolt going forward.

At 4,087 I’d say roughly mid-December but I can say with more certainty in two weeks.



cant wait to get my new bolts



how do I get refund? your customer support stopped responding, are you still in business?



@lukas as the auto responder says, please send order inquiries to support@lockitron.com, that’s how you get a refund.



Sorry, after placing my order December 09, 2013 I am throwing in the towel. I’m requesting a refund.
I have a Nest Thermostat and a Ring Video Doorbell, both work well and didn’t have to wait for them.

At best you had an idea/prototype for a lock that was amazing and the first on the market but unfortunately your developers moved to slow and had to start from scratch to come out with the new Bolt and now 2 years later other companies have real working products that are being shipped in large quantities.

This has just been a big disappointment for me, and frankly after you’ve had my money for two years and with my full refund I should get all the interest that accrued on that money for 2 years as you’ve yet to have delivered any type of product, much less the original product I ordered.

I am looking into this new product coming out that works with my Nest, and made by a large Company that’s been around since the 1800s http://www.cnet.com/products/yale-linus-lock/
I suggest that others look at this product as well.




@cameron Just wondering, I have selected colour.
When will my bolt ship (colour Quicksilver)
And ny bridge?
Separately? In the email is said December, du you have an accurate estimate for the bolt and bridge



We are shipping units without Bridge first - if we run through those and still don’t have Bridge, then we will start shipping the combined units without Bridge and send at a later date.

This is for a number of reasons (yes, including cost), the primary one being that we don’t have Bridge-only packaging and it would turn into a logistical nightmare. Along with this Bridges are in production - the power adaptors coming soon, the enclosures are complete and the PCBs are being made. As solid state devices they’re much easier to make and debug.


Bolt Finish / Color Choice Email - UPDATE: Sent & Available in Dashboard Now

@cameron Do you have any shipping date?
For bolt and bridge separately?



@TrulsZK a few Bolts are heading out now. We have a medium size lot (~200) coming in a week or so followed by 000’s before the end of this month. Paul is in China with these now.

I believe that 10,000 PCBAs were completed last week (more than all the previous Lockitrons shipped, combined). These PCBAs are in testing now, and for a run this large we expect issues to crop up that we’ll debug before they’re assembled into units.

I’ll be working on an update for tomorrow.

EDIT: see http://blog.lockitron.com/post/134874563467/bolt-000001-heads-out-the-door. Please get your address on file updated and your color choice in! Quicksilvers sans Bridge ship first.

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Just wanted to see how things with bridge and access were comming along. Things have been quiet… everyone at lockitron on holidays for christmas? Lol kidding… you guys need a break too! Keep up the good work!