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Skybell shipped


ordered this a while ago, would work good with a lockitron i think if the lockitron is operational from a cell phone app anywhere in the world.

Will be nice to get a notice on my pebble that someone rang the doorbell

1 user posted a review, worth the read


skybell advice - stay away for now
read amazon reviews and support forums at service.skybell.com

3 hours of trying, not able to sync.
tried diifferent phones and even a mifi hotspot.
the only thing i’ve accomplished so far is DOS’ing my network with this doorbell (it brings the network down when trying to sync)

I have wemo, nest, craftsman garage door, adt all hooked to wifi and working fine.
I’ve rebooted everything, reset breakers (which makes no sense but in IT, sometimes things don’t) I’ve removed security on the router, removed and reinstalled app. changed ssid *which is BS and a pain in the a$$ with so many other things connected) nothing…

I’ve been in IT field since windows for workgroups, I usually don’t give up easy, and sometimes walk away but this one, this one has me beat. Some things in life aren’t worth the hassle, and I find it hard to believe that they didn’t see these issues before shipping.

Its a great network DOS tool, i’ll give em that, and thought for a minute about analyzing the data to see how it brings my network down so efficiently but quite honestly, it’s not worth the time. I can tell by the forums that most people are having the same issues

was informed by another user having same issue who wiresharked it, that its the syncing process on the phone. The app starts syncing and it does some broadcast storm at around 6-8Mb/s during the sync process which is pretty cool, if you’re looking for that sort of thing from your phone…lol

there is also an issue with voltage leak to transformer causing a buzz on your doorbell transformer box. some speculate its the lipo backup battery charging but whatever the cause, the transformer buzzes when this is hooked up as well.


I had the same experience. After getting it installed, couldn’t get it to connect after 2 hours and three different routers (g, n, and ac). Sending it back to amazon.


Their co-founder reached out to me for mine with sync issues and gave his phone number and also tech support reached out to me. I told them I couldn’t get to it for a few days because I am busy after work this week.
Suggestions were keep phone near bell during sync, turning off wifi security during setup, etc.
they even offered to send a preconfigured model if they have to.

I want to see video/audio quality so I may give it one more time. Apparently you have to mount it at 42-48 inches height for optimal camera viewing as well.
Another thing I read is they pushed firmware updates that activate the motion sensor function.


they were able to reproduce some sync issues and are working on a fix


update, my skybell is working now. i had to put a dns setting in my router, wierd as its dhcp from isp but whatever, it works.

some issues but basic functionality is there and they are pushing firmware and app updates to bring features that were promised.

I don’t understand how you can sell something on amazon advertising features that arent present yet… its like vaporware.
On indiegogo i can see it, but not Amazon…
anyway, i’m pleased with it as of now, works as advertised except for motion detection and on demand video which are promised in future app/firmware updates. Someone rings bell, 5 seconds later i get a message on my phone and i can see and talk to them.


I have promoted iDoorCam now known as SkyBell last year in August:

Contribution Amount: $127
Payment Method: Credit Card
Perk: Early Adopter
Estimated Delivery Date: October 31, 2013

It is now JUNE 2014 and I still have not received my item.

Check the internet. I am not the only one. People have very bad experiences with delivery, support, service and overall quality. STRONG DO NOT BUY.

I have sent them many emails and they have what I would call the worst service on the planet! They did not reply to my first emails until threatened. Then it takes them 1-2 weeks to reply to a single email. They still have not send me anything. They will do that “soon” and promise me this for months now. This is such a horrible experience. I contributed, because I expected this device to be shipped in return. I even paid international shipping on top. Still nothing. This is the WORST COMPANY on the planet. DO NOT BUY if you expect any service. They do not deserve to be on the market much longer. Strongly discourage you from buying their products! There are better alternatives out there.


Hello Marc, I am the Community Liaison for Skybell Technologies and I just came across your post on Lockitron community blog. I am so sorry for not acknowledging you sooner and I sincerely hope that it is not too late to be reaching out to you to make things right with you. We hold our original supporters at the highest priority and I am regretful that we allow you to slip through the cracks. Please contact me asap so that I can help to get you a satisfactory solution. t.day@skybell.com