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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could assist with SmartThings integration. I can provide code from existing keypad locks such as the Kwikset 914 to be adapted for Lockitron. Is anyone else out there using SmartThings? Thanks very much for your help!


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Bump…anything?? Thanks for any help or at least a push in the right direction.


Sorry there, I haven’t heard of many people around here that use Smartthings.

Now depending on what you want to do, IFTTT has triggers for Lockitron, so you could have the lock unlock/lock to do certain tasks with Smartthings, or have Smartthings react to Lockitron unlocking/locking.


I just sent in my request for IFTTT access for Lockitron, but I’d like to be able to send a simple lock/unlock command from SmartThings, not just have it react to other triggers such as location, etc. I’m quite certain that with SmartThings’ following (and imminent purchase by Samsung) that this would be a large community of potential Lockitron customers. Thanks for any more help you can provide!



Any action on integrating Lockitron with SmartThings at this stage? I have access to the IFTTT channel, but I’m worried that the Lockitron will be too slow to respond using this method. I can provide code samples, etc but could really use a little guidance. Thanks for any help!


Sorry to revive an old thread… but I finally got on the smarthings wagon (tis really quite nice) and would love to have my lockitron as a smartapp. I found this app: https://github.com/dkirker/smartthings-lockitron

but i get the error “an error has occured client auth failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included or unsupported authentication method.”

Can anyone have a look at the code and see if they can suggest a fix? You can post the change here (and i’l lshare it on teh original thread for the author to update github) and then any smarthings user with a lockitron can easily create a smarthings app for their own use, using this code.


I don’t have SmartThings but have you added your Client ID and Client secret to lines 53 and 54 on SmartApp.groovy?


You can get this information from https://api.lockitron.com/ - Your Apps


it doesn’t let you override the settings for this (it’s in app settings) and must populate this when you go through the authorisation process (log into lockitron and auth app). which I can’t complete as I get the error above.

EDIT: dev has responded and i’m helping test it out.


@joel_d_eggenhui Please let us know how this goes- I saw the comment on GitHub and would love to refer people to this project if it works.


@joel_d_eggenhui yes, let me know if there are any technical API issues we can help with.


Bumping this; I’ve written a SmartThings integration for the v2 api that’s a bit half-baked but works pretty respectably. I don’t have any access-token refresh stuff yet though. And it’s not error-trapped.


but i get the error "an error has occured client auth failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included or unsupported authentication method.
did it get fixed?


I use enabled locks click done I get an unexpected error occurred


@jamesmeador don’t have a SmartThings hub; where does the integration live?


in the SmartThings cloud; i can put up the (unpolished) code on my github


can put up working code for me?


I now have it work. But it is slow to respond. I can wire up lockitron constant power?


I just got the SmartApp: https://github.com/dkirker/smartthings-lockitron working. I had to change the API endpoint address for SmartThings in the SmartApp (SmartApp.groovy) code. Here’s what I did…
I changed line 52
def getServerUrl() { return “https://graph.api.smartthings.com” }
def getServerUrl() { return “https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com” }

Also, needed to change the Redirect URI referred to in the README.md
Enter in the following URL for the “Redirect Uri”: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/token/
Enter in the following URL for the “Redirect Uri”: https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/api/token/

After those two changes everything works as it should. Remember to enter your ClientID and ClientSecret from Locitron App into the App Settings of the SmartThings SmartApp.


That does sound the same, however they are also not in this list, so until they are, they will also be irrelevant to anyone who does not want separate things with separate apps and actually wants interconnected automation. Even moreso when going down the path of trying to voice activate your home.

Having a lock with it’s own app is the most basic use case. Most of us would be looking at use cases such as when I come home and open the garage door in smartthings, tell the alarm panel to disarm itself, have the back door unlock, and turn on the nearest light inside the house and change the thermostat to X degrees.

Having things not communicate with each other or being able to be added to routines gets about as old as having 6 devices with 6 remotes around the TV. It’s bad enough just having a garage door hub, hue lights hub, samsung smart hub, sonos bridge, AD2PI for alarm panel and maybe some year in the future having a lockitron bridge. Having them all have their own individual apps that don’t play with each other just makes using them annoying.

And no, the delay fest that is IFTTT is not a viable bandage.


@Rattay780, I agree 100% yes it would be nice to have voice integration. I suspect as more developers have access to systems (Hue, Lockitron locks), we will begin to see a more complete integration across the board.

I’ve found geofence for my Hue bulbs works not that great (spotty at best). I’ve started using a lot of IFTT recipes for turning on the lights and some of my other home automation systems - not the best solution for sure and can be a clumsy integration too.

It’s only a matter of time for everything to be connected - until then I guess we have to be patient and continue to use the best methods currently available to us.