So what's the deal with ...?

So what’s the deal with the consistent missing of delivery targets?

I mean, the original lockitron was over promised and under delivered, and a number of us were understanding. Now, the company has had a few years to iron out the kinks and even R&D an entirely new system. Delivery promises for “End of March” were made, and now that date has come and gone…

One thing I learned very early on in business is to UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER. The opposite can be detrimental to success.


Ha, I posted this over two years ago when my Bolt was past due (796 days to be exact), and guess what. Still no Bolt or Bridge.

I’ve given Lockitron $$$ for the original unit (that jammed up and died on me), and THEN, I gave them MORE $$$ for the upgraded Bolt & Bridge.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I am ashamed to say the least.

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@ChaseFlorell I recommend reaching out to support@lockitron.com if your order was missed. We can help figure out why there. All Canadian orders where duty was paid have been shipped.