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Some questions_on/enhancements_for the API


hi. i am writing a node module for the lockitron api.

as a part of this, i have a few questions:

  1. at present, the lat/lon of my locks is always ‘null’, have set the street address via the iOS app, and it shows on the map correctly, so what needs to be done to have the API report it properly?

  2. there really ought to be a field indicating the last time the cloud and lock successfully communicated.

  3. there really ought to be a field indicating the local IP address of the lock.

  4. it would be helpful (n the security sense) if the client could pass a “state” parameter when doing /v1/oauth/authorize which in turn would be passed to the redirectURI. this allows the client’s site to verify that the response coming in actually corresponds to the request that went out and that no man-in-the-middle nonsense is going on.





@mrose17a awesome, thanks for the feedback. We will look at rolling these into the v2 API, although the lat/lng sounds like an outright bug and the state parameter in authorization is good to do sooner rather than later.



thanks. i agree that items 2 & 3 can wait for a later update.

also: it would be great to see an initial draft of the webhook api that’s available…



@mrose17a no docs yet, but you simply head to http://api.lockitron.com/v1/oauth/applications and click “Edit” to add the URL you would like us to post to.