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Stopping Sense unlock


“Stopping Sense unlock because last enter was more than 10 minutes ago.”

What does this mean really? We have been far away from home the whole day and when we get home this message appears everyday stopping sense.



What are you using for a proximity distance radius?


500 meters which is the default.


Odd. Have you made sure that location services is always on for that app?


It’s always on. 24 hours a day.


If that is always on (settings>privacy>location services>Lockitron). And the location is calibrated, then I’m not sure what else it would be. It sounds like the location triggers aren’t working on your phone. Not sure an app reinstall would do anything. Have you tried that?


Yes. I just reinstall to fix the Lockitron issues that constantly creep up before it comes back again. Hoping for a permanent fix.