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Stuck On Bluetooth


My bolt appears to be getting stuck in my wife’s Bluetooth, if her phone is in the area it connects to her phone and nothing else can get through even the Bridge cannot connect to send commands. If I disable the Bluetooth on her phone everything works great. Anyone else run into this issue? Her Bluetooth works fine with our August lock it’s only the bolt lock we have issues with.
@cameron Any thoughts on why if my wife is home Lockitron turns into a brick on my door for everyone else in the family? I have factory reset her phone and Apple genius diagnostics said her phone is fine( it working fine with other devices would also confirm this).


@Robbie followed up by email, but this could definitely be helpful for other folks. It seems that Sense (notably Sense Notifications, although other variants might be impacted) can “hold” a connection for far longer than necessary blocking other phones from connecting. Disabling Sense while we work on a fix should help.