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Support for Apple's HomeKit?


Apple just announced HomeKit (consolidated control for home automation devices) at today’s WWDC. Does Lockitron plan on integrating HomeKit? Because honestly, if not, I’ll be canceling and purchasing another lock that does.


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@GrrArrgh HomeKit is awesome and we will definitely be working to support it.


That’s great news, thanks.


please, dont even look at homekit yet… just work on finishing the damb thing so we can finally have the lockitron, THAN you can work on homekit… one step at a time, this product is 2 years behind already… what a joke


I agree with Jason. My estimate is May and there is no sign of a shipment being made. If some people will cancel their orders, may be the others will not wait for so long. Nobody has seen homekit in action and there’s no guarantee that it will not end up like Apple TV.


Just because they say they will support HomeKit doesn’t mean they’re dropping everything they’re doing to support it right now.

As for shipping goes, they are shipping regularly. I’ve already heard of people in the 1,900 - 2,000 range receiving their units since shipments resumed at the end of May.

As far as HomeKit goes, it’s pretty much almost fully “baked” in to iOS 8. There is a video from a developer session talk that can be viewed on Apple’s WWDC site.
I’ll also copy and paste a summary I posted on Reddit:
"From what I’ve read and understand so far, HomeKit is essentially a hub without the hardware.

The idea is that it acts as a central database in iOS for all your home automation stuff to “register” with. The registration would have to be handled by an iOS app. Once registered, HomeKit lets the app developer to associate things together to your liking.
The structure is:
which contain Rooms
which contain Items

Items can have Services available (thermostat, lock, switch), which provide actions (set temperature, lock/unlock, on/off).

These items can then be grouped into Scenes, for convenience.

All of these items are then exposed to Siri, so you can optionally use voice control to interact with the whole “home”, a room, an item, or a scene.

The key here is that they are not creating a whole new standard and protocol for things to connect with. HomeKit doesn’t care how your devices are connected, or even if they’re behind a hub. All that HomeKit is concerned with is giving HA iOS developers a spot to pool together control information. So if your iPhone can connect to it, or control it, then the app you use today can have HomeKit added to it.

For device manufacturers, they can contact Apple to have HomeKit support built in to their apps from the start, and communicate with what’s built in to the iPhone/iPad (Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi), without having to go through a hub. This still isn’t required to have your device or app work with HomeKit, it just gives manufacturers a way to “certify” so they can guarantee compatibility."


My shipping estimate is May, too (13,500). Clearly, I won’t receive anything until the end of the year at best. My point is that if Lockitron lets all the other devices on the market and pre-market leapfrog them by not supporting Apple’s architecture, we might as well all cancel, since the device won’t be around for very long.

I’m not sure what you mean by ending up like the AppleTV. You mean the popular streaming device? Or the smart TV rumors?


My shipping estimate is also May. I’m 23,653 to be exact.
From everything I’ve read, gathered, and analyzed, I’m fully confident I’ll get my unit well before the end of the year. I don’t have any hard numbers to give as I don’t work for Lockitron, but things are indeed improving.

As far as HomeKit goes, people seem to be under the impression that they have to fully stop production to add HomeKit or keep fixing bugs. They don’t have to stop production, and it will only scale up from here. Their supply line is cleaning up and they should be able to move more units. The biggest stumbling block in shipping was the jam issue (which has been covered in many threads including my guide one), and that’s pretty much all gone now- especially with the upcoming dashboard adjustments. After that, it’s end customer support- I’m seeing folks online that didn’t check compatibility with the print template, or need guidance with installation. That part is resolved on a case by case basis.

Now while it’s not trivial to add HomeKit, it won’t interfere with their ability to keep working on firmware. It’s a change on the iOS app, as opposed to lock firmware.The only thing from here is that they are a small team, so some of the desired firmware upgrades and fixes can’t happen in parallel. It’s at this point then that we have to choose- which feature do we want first?

I’m totally okay with them announcing HomeKit support like this, meaning that’s it’s on their radar and potentially on the roadmap now. iOS 8 won’t ship until the fall anyways. In the meanwhile, they’ll work on notifications, power saving, Sense, and automatic schedule learning. As Jakub said in the Shipping Updates thread, they seem to be picking up steam now, so I personally can’t wait to see what happens next.


@cameron, with HomeKit compatible devices now being officially announced, when can we expect Lockitron & Bolt to be supported?


@jocamero we don’t have any further news since my last comment. We are in a position to make a fully informed decision about when a HomeKit inclusion into Lockitron products might take place but unfortunately can’t say more at the moment.


Will you be able to say more after Monday @cameron? :wink:


@Philipp unfortunately not, don’t mean to be obtuse because of WWDC, noting pending on that - all I can say is that there are a lot of folks who have claimed “HomeKit Compatibility” without actually doing their homework.


I’ll just leave this here:


Can we have an update on this?


I doubt they will support it out of the box since it requires additional authentication hardware.

Unless that hardware is built in when they ship this month you can count it out.


Sounds to me like the only hardware that would need to have the apple auth chip would be in the bridge. They can release bolt just fine without worry… its the bridge that would need homekit support… same way phillips did it with their hue line.


You can add homekit support with homebridge if you’re a “hacker”. Total cost to do so, raspberry pi.

Details in the youtube link.


@cameron any updates on HomeKit support?


@TracyK HomeBridge is the best way to bring HomeKit support to Lockitron.

Due to massive changes in HomeKit (and the fact that it has continued to be a moving target even since other products have been released with it), the current generation Bolt will only support HomeKit via HomeBridge.