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Support for Apple's HomeKit?


@cameron I should note that @nfarina has done a great job with it, and if you think it’s a good idea, I could make a guide + video to explain setting it up, and show it in action.


Is it possible that future versions of Bridge will be HomeKit compatible? I don’t have a Bridge yet. I was going to wait until I could buy it separately. I could probably wait longer if it was going to support HomeKit.


@TracyK yes, it’s possible however the way HomeKit is set up both Bridge and Bolt would need to be designed with HomeKit in mind for it to work.

As such it’s highly unlikely we would release one without the other if we choose to go down that road.


Is there any updates to this?


@djw no; any update here will coincide with a product announcement based on the hardware requirements of HomeKit. We don’t have any imminent product announcements around Bolt (save news about new Bridges).


Hey Cameron,

I was wondering if you heard about the recent changes with the HomeKit.

When HomeKit was first announced it required an Apple-specified MFi coprocessor in the device to authenticate, but now to keep up with the rest of the competition, they changed their policy to just a software authenticator. So, I think this is great news for smart devices like Lockitron without the MFi coprocessors.


@OzzieSama yes; unfortunately I can’t discuss specifics on Apple HomeKit, however, it isn’t as simple as just software. There is some misinformation on being able to enable HomeKit after the fact for devices that were deployed without MFI coprocessors.