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Ugh, so tired of this thing (but secretly hoping something magical happens)


I am an angry customer, but wishing for a solution so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time and money by buying a Lockitron.
I’ve had my Lockitron for one year, after waiting three years. In the past year, I can only remember Bolt unlocking for me using sense proximity unlock (the only reason I got Lockitron) about 20 times, probably less. With rare exception, I use my MANUAL key to get in (ridiculous, right?).
I have a OnePlus 5, and my wife has a OnePlus 3T. Her experience has been the same. I’ve posted questions to this forum, to which Cameron has been responsive, even once sending me a new unit. But, nothing changes. This device is simply unreliable, at least for my phones. At times, on a whim, I’ll take out the batteries and put them back again, or will re-install the firmware, in the hopes that magically my Bolt will start working as promised, but nothing changes. It just hangs on the door, less functional than my 20-year-old tape deck.
Today, I replaced the batteries with fresh ones, and I wondered “why bother”? So, a few questions:

  1. Do iPhone users get better luck? Anecdotally, app reviews look like iOS users are happier.
  2. I paid you extra money years ago for a keypad. Where is it? I’m hoping that fixes this issue.
  3. Is there any fix to make Proximity Unlock work reliably, or should I just go back to my old lock, and take to warning people of the dangers of new-fangled devices? :wink:


We have had pretty good luck with the sense proximity with our iPhone. Very rarely does it not work. We do have a friend though that has an iPhone and he has very bad luck with the sense proximity with his lock.


I’m selling mine with bridge 75% off. But you’ll have to wait for the bridge, don’t know when it will arrive. Been waiting for 5+ years now. Rest assure once it’s arrived I’ll send it to the buyer right away.


I’ve only had mine since December. Unimpressed thus far. A cheap keypad lock from my past was easier to use. Pulling out your phone and fumbling around with unlocking is more cumbersome than just a key. Sense is unreliable for me as well - a Pixel user. It would be nice to have an easy way to lock the door from the outside without your phone.

Probably a bigger issue that I haven’t had to contend with yet is when my kids start using the lock, and attend school less than 1 km away. Will Sense & Lockitron ever reset if they never get further away than the school that is 1/2 mile away?


Iphone user here…sense rarely works for me…I’m actually surprised on the days it does…I’m also still waiting for my bridge…and taking phone out every time when heading out with full hands is a pain to lock door…a simple keypad with a simple lock button option would be nice…but I’ll probably be putting my old keypad lock back on…getting frustrated


I thought I was the only one with unresponsive Sense functionality. It will work once or twice a month. Then nothing. It’s like a bastard child you’d love to finally see home but then leaves again the next day. :frowning:


On iPhone here, Sense stopped working last summer and never works now, not even randomly.
Almost 1 year, Sense was the reason why I bought this Lockitron.

Ordered the bridge with my lock, in July 2015… still not received!
I don’t think I will ever have it.


Mine is same…used to work sporadically…now it doesn’t work at all


@cameron I used to be able to re-install the firmware, or take out the batteries and put them back in and Sense would work for a while, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Are you still supporting Lockitron Bolt?


@Sarringt yes, however, Sense has always been so so depending on the phone you’re using (i.e. if you upgrade phone/upgrade OS/re-install app)


@cameron I am on OxygenOS 5.1.1 / Android 8.1.0. Are there certain OS’s that work best?
When it isn’t working, do you recommend re-installing the app, or should I just expect Sense not to work?


@Sarringt what make/model of device?


@cameron I have a OnePlus 5.


Ok, seems like I found the solution:
Delete and reinstall the app, allow again all notifcations/data usage/localisation!

Sense restarted to work!


@ccharest Is it still working? I have done this a few times and that approach has only worked for a while every time.


@cameron you asked me in May about my phone. I now have a Oneplus 6 and still have the same issue.


Yes, most of the time, it’s still working.
It never works if you come home while having your phone charging (in your car, …), but outside of that, I would say it’s opening the lock 80% of the time before I arrive at my door!