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Unable to setup 2nd bridge


I have an existing Bolt with bridge. All working fine. I just installed a 2nd Bolt. Bolt is working fine with BT. But I am not able to get the 2nd bridge to work with my 2nd Bolt. How do I go about setting it up?


@slingkid hmm, does the second Bridge get past BlinkUp? Can you send me the serial number?


CLEAN NEEDLE 53. I believe it got pass BlinkUp


@slingkid thanks, I think that both your Bridges are competing for the same door. There is a bug here since the first Bridge being paired should prevent the second from being able too. Will investigate.


Any updates on this issue?


@slingkid sorry, didn’t follow up here. I pushed an update that should “time out” old paired locks after a while. Can you give it another shot?


Do you mean a firmware update? Or app update? I am on firmware 1461012547 and the latest Android App.


@slingkid no, I mean going through the “Set up New Device” process for Bridge again.


thanks - that seems to work!!