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Unlocking is easy with Sense, what about locking?


I installed the lock today, and I am pleased so far. I am wondering, though: is there supposed to be some simple way to lock the door without my wife having to dig her phone or keys out of her bag? As far as I can tell, Lockitron only helps the “unlock” use case, not the “lock” one. Am I right?


was curious about “locking” too. my original kickerstarter lockitron locked when i was outside the set geofence and it was a nice feature.


Regarding Auto Lock, @pmg had some words to share in another thread:


@DaveC I should note that you could still set this up given IFTTT and a Bridge.


@cameron i have never IFTTT, but just downloaded and seems pretty simple. i set the “if then” to if i leave my home via the iOS location services, but what do i select as the “that”??? i do not see bridge or lockitron listed as a service?


@DaveC hit us up at support and I’ll get you in the beta!


I would like to join beta for ifttt. i’m trying to figure out how to link lockitron with smartthings. this would be one way to accomplish the task.

thank you.