Unpairing Bridge

I’ve installed my UltraLoq (U-Bolt Pro). It looks a mini-clone (mini-me) of the Lockitron Bolt all the way down to the wiring harness/connector that connects the lock to the keypad.

It works well and makes me realize that lack of a keypad was fatal to Lockitron. A working keypad can coverup a lot of sins.

I’m preparing my Bolt/Bridge for its next life but I am unable to “remove the pairing”.
I press the “remove pairing” button (on the Bridge Status page), yielding no apparent feedback. Then I remove the lock from my account, which works successfully. Then I re-add the lock to my account and find that the Bridge is still paired to the lock.

Is there an alternate method to break the pairing?

@Dave if you unplug the Bridge from power it should “unpair” on its own after 24 hours. Keep in mind that it will re-pair if it is powered up and sees the lock.