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Unusal Bridge Behavioe


Continuing the discussion from Bridge: I’m wondering if the “old” bridge will work with my “old” Bolt? Today my Bridge showed:

  1. Flashing green
  2. Momentary green
  3. Blue and the Bolt showed a momentary connection
  4. Then the Bridge displayed an alternating flashing blue and white light

All the while the Bolt would rotate back and forth if I tried to lock or open it.

Please advise me and thanks!


I did everything I could think of to get Bridge on WiFi (2.4GHz) and connected to Bolt I left it plugged in for a few hours. The Bridge was on WiFi and connected to Bolt. Troubleshooting steps:

-power restart
-new lock setup
-switch plugs
-new lock setup
-on Bluetooth update software Bolt & Bridge
-back to original plug
-new lock setup
-Bridge power left on for 3-4 hours working
Note: while performing new lock setup final led light rapidly flashed either white and blue, or green and blue.