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User Security and Profiles with Bridge


I received my Bolt with Bridge about a week ago, and all seems to be going well. I can view the status of the lock from most anywhere, and can lock / unlock as well with relative ease. I am the owner, and my wife is an admin user. Our college age niece lives with us, and she has been added as a Guest user. My question:

  • Is it possible for the Guest user to only be able to access the Lockitron via Bluetooth vs from anywhere via the Bridge?

I’d strongly prefer that only myself and my wife be able to leverage the Bridge (internet enabled) lock / unlock and all other users be present at the door. If this isn’t a current feature, it would be a great enhancement to increase security. Thank you.


@JPeterman thanks for the post! We’ve had a few folks request that feature and we’re looking into it, no ETA just yet.


+1 for this.
It’s a real security issue.
One never knows if a guest sets a lock code for their phone.
Plus the app only asks you to login in once and then from there a user, any user with access to the guest phone can open or close my door with no need for further credentials/codes.

If a guest does not set a lock code for their phone that means anyone that gets their hands on the guest phone and the app can open or close my doors from anywhere in the world…

Local only access for guests should be the default and the admin should have the option to enable remote access if needed.

Except for this concern so far i’m really liking the product. Very happy with the install experience!


@klidec brings up a great point regarding the security aspect - not being able to require someone with the application to have a lock code on their phone make the exposure of remote lock / unlock a big challenge. I made my niece add a strong lock code to her phone before I gave her user access. I do love the idea of the standard behavior guest is non-bridge enabled. It would also be great to log that manual locks and unlocks - attributing the action to the user that is near the door at the time. Example - I walk up to the door inside the house and lock it manually. My phone is in my pocket, so the device is aware of my presence and logs the behavior accordingly. I realize that this was mentioned in other threads, but thought I’d add my request here.


@JPeterman @klidec great feedback, thanks. There is a balance between speed of access and security; given the convenience of Touch ID, we 100% recommend having a lock on your phone. Restricting guest users to Bluetooth is definitely something we need to build.


First world problems right? :slight_smile:

I know my sister (my first guest) has a code on her phone.
Second guest, mother in law who is staying with me for a week, has no pass code lock and she’s not as open to changing her methods.

Happy to hear that Bluetooth only access is in the works…
So far i’m loving the bolt. Can’t wait to see how the new features (auto lock) and others come a long.
Using it with homekit has been fun too!


Bluetooth access only the default for guest accounts, with option for wifi? For clarity on the end-user’s side, maybe just create a new account type called Guest+WiFi, and have Guests be BT only - that should be enough to infer that Guest accounts can’t use WiFi :slight_smile:.