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Wake Up Call


I know this will be less of an issue with Bolt and and crowdfunded Lockitron’s that are always on, but what API call would be appropriate to keep a Lockitron’s Wi-Fi awake?

Edit: here’s the post

An example would be @Hanlon(?)'s post where a Raspberry Pi listens for an unlock state change through Webhooks, and then sends a lock command two minutes later.

If I wanted to do this after five minutes, I would need to keep the Wi-Fi awake, and I’m wondering what call is appropriate here.


Hmm - we have an internal API to set a wake period (rather than a sleep period) however, this API was never thoroughly tested on the devices and might cause unexpected results like burning through the batteries. If this is of interest I can see about exposing it through the public API.


@anthonylavado it looks like the 2 minute wake period is standard so any sleep interval for less than 120 seconds (2 minutes) should keep it awake indefinitely (I just tried a 110 second sleep interval on mine and it worked).So I would recommend:

I use php on my Raspberry Pi but I’m working on building something more responsive using node.js or Python for my app.