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Web Dashboard - New Diagnostic Tools, Calibration Changes


We’ve just deployed a new version of the Lockitron web dashboard that includes a couple of important changes for debugging and tweaking crowdfunded Lockitron units. I need to get the full documentation into place, however, we expect this to be our last major update to the settings panel for these units.

  • A new Diagnostic section that includes a couple of additional requests that previously only customer support agents had access to (this means you won’t have to wait on us to test out these options). These are described below.

  • Clear Pending Firmware Requests: this is an important tool which can help if you’re experiencing battery issues or have a “bricked” Lockitron. Occasionally during an automated update the unit will self-trigger firmware update requests that can become “stuck” If you have a unit which is non-responsive to button presses or seems to have poor battery life, I recommend clearing pending firmware requests, then re-writing the Bluetooth firmware followed by the main firmware. Read more about firmware updates at http://help.lockitron.com/article/83-what-is-lockitrons-firmware-version.

  • Rebuild Device Storage: in some rare circumstances the device storage can become corrupt. If you’re having issues with handedness or calibration settings because of this (you can typically tell because the firmware version reported doesn’t match one of our releases), you will want to reflash your firmware rather than use this setting. However, if your device is functioning correct but you’re having trouble connecting to Bluetooth (and the device is advertising - run through the steps at http://help.lockitron.com/article/70-lockitron-isnt-connecting-to-my-phone-over-bluetooth first), this command might help.

  • We’ve removed the automated calibration page. Unfortunately the reliability of the automated calibration page was marginal enough that we’ve decided to remove it as a public option for now. We will be amending our calibration instructions in our FAQ to walk through using the calibration sliders to adjust Lockitron. In the meantime you can still test the calibration page by heading to lockitron.com/dashboard/LOCK_ID/lock_calibrate where LOCK_ID is the lock you’re attempting to calibrate.

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