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Web Dashboard - Settings Updates


We’ve just updated the settings page on the Lockitron web dashboard to include additional information and control for your v2 Lockitron. Lockitron owners should now be able to view and see the following when they head to the Settings tab for any given v2 Lockitron on the web dashboard.

  • Battery Voltage - we’re not including an indicator on what’s “low” just yet here; generally 5.3v is low for Lithium batteries (which die at 4.8-5.1v) and 5.1v is low for Alkalines (which die at 4.5-4.7v).
  • Firmware Version - see our support page for more information on this.
  • Reflash firmware - this typically isn’t required since we automatically update everyone to the latest major release, however, if your firmware verison reads “0” you may need to manually initiate an update.
  • Calibration - we’re bringing our calibration out of private beta to public beta. See our support page on calibration for more information. If your Lockitron has trouble staying connected to WiFi, the calibration page may not work as expected.


We’ve also added an option to Reflash Bluetooth Firmware; while this typically isn’t needed it is helpful for users who successfully connected to Bluetooth previous to the latest update but have been unable to subsequently. Make sure to review our help document on Bluetooth connectivity first.

We’ve broken out all of these settings into an “Advanced section”.

Additionally owners should now be able to remove/relinquish ownership of Virtual Devices and v1 Lockitrons via the Remove Lockitron button.

Note: We don’t currently version our web releases and as such there isn’t a version number included with this update.

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