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Webhooks and knock sensor



Finally got my Lockitron and I started to investigate webhooks. I am getting messages for lock and unlock events, however I don’t receive a message when someone knocks. It was mentioned in a blog post that this was to be available

Opening up Lockitron: Webhooks Enabled

For developers we’ve recently added webhooks to the Lockitron API. Webhooks allow Lockitron to post valuable information - such as when someone knocks at your door - to other home automation products and apps. If you’re working on an app that uses the Lockitron API, let us know!

Just curious if this is still the case.

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To my knowledge it is still planned but not there yet. I will find the post and attach it here later.



I definitely want the kock notification too. Ideally an iOS push notification from the Lockitron app but even if it goes to IFTTT via the API that would suffice for now.



Anyone get knock notifications working via the API?