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Webhooks API Documentation


I’m very glad to hear that you have added webhooks to the Lockitron API however I haven’t found any documentation for it.

From the last blog update:

Opening up Lockitron: Webhooks Enabled

For developers we’ve recently added webhooks to the [Lockitron API][1]. Webhooks allow Lockitron to post valuable information - such as when someone knocks at your door - to other home automation products and apps. If you’re working on an app that uses the Lockitron API, let us know!

The link provided has the documentation for the rest of the API but nothing new has been added recently. Is the API closed or have you just not updated the documentation yet?

This might be a good place to post an abbreviated introduction to webhooks if the API documentation isn’t ready to be posted the the main page yet.
[1]: https://api.lockitron.com/

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@sam sorry - we need to update that. If you head to https://api.lockitron.com/v1/oauth/applications you should be able to add a URL endpoint that we will post to. RequestBin is super useful to test this with - http://requestb.in