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Webhooks not functioning?


So, everything in the API (v1) at least, appears to function. I realized I had to add /v1/ to all the examples in the documentation in order for things to function (would be helpful to update that in all the docs, can imagine how that would stump new users).

However, no matter what I do, when editing an app, here:

I put in place a URI for the webhook, submit to save, but the webhook URI field on the resulting page stays blank, so I can’t get any of my apps to save a URI.

Any updates or info on this issue?

I have my lockitron installed and working, and a functioning webhook is all I need to get everything working the way I planned. Leveraging IFTT, and the Automatic hardware and app in my car to detect if I’ve turned on or off the ignition in my car at a specific location (my home), and based on that, it will decide wether to unlock or lock my door for me automatically, and or send a request to the Nest API to set my home temp to Away, etc. - just need the webhook to finalize the trigger to make those other API calls.

Is this perhaps a known issue, and or possibly fixed in v2? If so, any way to access that now?


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@rhall these are down for both versions of the API…looking into why now and will report back here.



Thanks for the update Cameron, appreciate it!



@rhall apologies this took a few days, however, you should once more be able to add Webhooks to your API apps. We recommend using something like http://requestb.in/ to get set up a temporary webhook endpoint and send the output since we unfortunately don’t have this bit documented.

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