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I have a home automation system (powered by HomeSEER) that I want to tie Lockitron into. My HA system also provides an API to let me control my automated equipment. Is Lockitron planning on adding webhooks to enable me to call another product’s API based on actions that occur on the Lockitron device? For example, I use the BT Sense feature to unlock the door as I walk up to it. Lockitron then triggers an API call to my HA system to turn on the light just inside the doorway.

I know it’s easy enough to do this the other way around. It’s possible for me to create a scene in my HA software that turns on the light and then makes an API call to Lockitron to unlock the device. So it’s easy enough for me to sit in my car, pull out my app, and trigger the scene. But to get that truly hands free experience (where I just walk up to the door, it unlocks, and the lights turn on), the API call needs to go the other way.

I realize this is likely an edge case, but I’m just curious if webhooks are on the road map at all.



Yes! There are a lot of folks waiting on webhooks, we know they will help with a bunch of neat applications. We have them fully spec’d out, however, other bug fixes in the rest of system are currently taking precedence.



Awesome, thanks @cameron!