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We've escheated these funds to the government


Please advise. I have no idea where my money is.
What government did you escheat the funds to? What name? What address?
Are you expecting me to contact 50+ different governments to find my money?
Please advise.



@booradlly I recommend reaching out to support@lockitron.com for more information - I believe that while there is a backlog there the Chamberlain support folks should eventually have some more information.

I don’t know anything about PMC’s escheatment process but my guess is that they have the last address on file that was associated with your Lockitron order. Likewise, I don’t know the plan for international orders.



I sent an email to support@lockitron.com on 3/24/2019 and haven’t received a response. I didn’t received the initial email that was sent to everyone notifying the status of the products. Can somebody reply to my email?



I’ve also not heard back from support@lockitron.com about my issue. Different from this issue but wanted to chime and say that support@lockitron.com appears to be dead.