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What happens if Lockitron shuts down?


I wish lockitron all the best and success in the world, but was curious what would happen if Lockitron decided to shut down.

I bring this up because of revolv and their apps and devices no longer work. I would hate for lockitron to someday decide they are no longer supporting their product and decide to shut it down.


Acquisiton, and what it means for the community

Remote access would stop working and bridge would be worthless but bluetooth would always work.



Wonder if there would be an option to point the bridge at a self hosted server to control it…

Really hope this doesn’t actually come up though. :slight_smile:



doubtful, that would probably make the system vulnerable. I wish all electronics didnt rely on servers for the exact reason that revolv is showing us, but that also leaves compromises to security.



@Bob This is a really good question. At a bare minimum you could continue to use Lockitron with all of the same “keys” you’ve issued assuming we don’t remove our app (or display a screen blocking you from using it). You would be unable to issue additional keys or update the firmware. Logging would also cease to function. I have to check on Sense.

We’ve hosted Lockitron servers for 6 (yes, 6!) years now - if we were to make any changes to the service we would want to give users ample forewarning of that.

While there are a lot of factors outside of our control, our personal belief is that we would like to let users to continue to use Lockitron with some functionality even if the cloud portion was shut down. I think it will take more than a forum post for me to formulate we can and can’t commit to here :slight_smile:



6 years for servers with no load, while people wait for their order



@marct incorrect. We shipped several hundred v1 Lockitrons from 2010-2012 and up to backer 10,000 for the crowdfunded Lockitron.



i cant imagine having a server for lockitron to be very expensive… theirs not much data going back and forth and its just text… but i can be wrong