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WiFi Firmware Issue


Over the weekend we discovered a problem where some Lockitrons would note activities at the lock over the web (i.e unlocked by hand) however, are not responding to commands send over WiFi. We believe that the issue corresponds to a new firmware release and will follow up as we learn more.

We’re currently debugging this issue and are working to fix this as soon as possible - this should not impact connecting to and controlling Lockitron directly over Bluetooth Low Energy.

UPDATE: This issue now appears to be solved. A conflict between two independent updates which weren’t thoroughly tested in conjunction was discovered and fixed. If your Lockitron is still having issues connecting over WiFi, reach out to support@lockitron.com and we would be happy to help.



Will this slow down shipping in any way?



@lyoko37 we don’t expect it to. We just queued up a set of units with fulfillment and expect to have this fixed soon given we weren’t seeing these issues over the past week.

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How could it possibly? The only way they could be slower is with negative numbers.